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About Equity Dynamics, LLC

(Training, Consulting, and Coaching Services)

Equity Dynamics is a firm dedicated to supporting individuals and
organizations in building, integrating and sustaining diversity.

Equity Dynamics is committed to providing training and consulting programs which support organizations in enhancing knowledge, awareness, and skill in understanding how diversity impacts every component of organizational structure and individual practices and behaviors.

  • Equity Dynamics provides training, consulting and coaching services to organizations and individuals seeking to build effective and sustainable racial equity, diversity, cultural competency, and inclusion initiatives.

  • Equity Dynamics provides tools and expertise for creating platforms for critical dialogue and purposeful engagement on issues of race, diversity, culture, and inclusion.

  • Equity Dynamics focuses on enhancing organizational capacity through enhancing knowledge, awareness, and skills in strengthening the efficacy of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (D.E.I,) initiatives.

Equity Dynamics recognizes that each organization is unique. Trainings are structured to support your organizational goals and objectives.


About the Owner, Principal Consultant

Dr. Jacqueline Richardson-Melecio, LMSW, Ph.D.

Race, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Consultant * Trainer * Coach

Dr. Jacqueline Richardson-Melecio is a diversity, equity, and inclusion expert.  She is a bi-lingual Licensed Masters Social Worker (LMSW) and Doctoral level researcher, trainer, and diversity and strategic planning consultant.  To her work she brings over 25 years of executive level management, program development, delivery of human services and large-scale workforce development initiatives experience.


Jacqueline has committed her career to supporting organizations in building awareness, knowledge, and skill in understanding the impact of race, culture, and diversity. She assists in developing and strengthening the efficacy of service delivery and overall capacity for diversity, equity, and inclusion across all organizational components. 


Throughout her career she has provided consultation and training services to corporate, community based, healthcare, and educational, organizations.  She is an experienced consultant, trainer, and educator skilled in addressing the challenges of social, political, and economic determinants of human conditions, and translating this knowledge into solutions for complex systems of care and corporate structures.

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