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Dr. Jacqueline
Richardson-Melecio, LMSW, PhD


Dr. Jacqueline Richardson-Melecio, LMSW, Ph.D is the President & CEO of Equity Dynamics, LLC, and the author of Belonging: Intentional Inclusivity. She is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion expert Consultant, Belonging and Equity Thought Leader, Author, and Trainer with over 25 years of experience.

In writing this book she seeks to help organizational leaders be proactive in their D.E.I. journey. Her hope is that in reading this book you will discover a different perspective to D.E.I. Ultimately, for the reader to see this book as a tool to help you feel equipped to take impactful steps in leading your organization’s D.E.I. initiatives. As a D.E.I. consultant for over 20 years, she has worked to support organizational leaders, service providers, and educators in creating, supporting, and planning diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Dr. Richardson believes that the expressed and lived value of Belonging is essential to creating an inclusive workplace. Through this book, she hopes to instill in you her passion for this important work.

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THREE Critical Values of Effective D.E.I. Leaders Discussed in  belonging:

  1. Accountability
  2. Shared Learning
  3. Transparency
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