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Cultural Competency

Are you seeking to gain cultural competency knowledge and skills?

  • The Business Case for Cultural Competency​

  • Cultural Humility​

  • Understanding & Integrating Cultural and Linguistic Competency​

  • Integrating cultural competency skills in evaluation, assessment, and service delivery 

Equity Dynamics understands the challenges in integrating diversity, racial equity, inclusion, and cultural competencies in both organizational structures as well as in individual practices.  

Cultural competency workshops aim to address the relevancy of culture in (1) workplace wellness (2) the development and delivery of services (3) constituent building initiatives (4) advocacy (5) civic service (6) education. Curriculum focuses on enhancing your understanding of the implications and relevancy of culture in your field

Overall goals of cultural competency workshops is to support the optimization of organizational goals and objectives and improve service and client outcomes.

Workshops are practice/field specific and provide opportunity for enhancing knowledge, awareness, and skill development .

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