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Strategic planning

Would leveraging your individual and organizational resources help you to better navigate effectively and change?

  • D.E.I. Efficacy in Strategic Planning

  • Evaluation and Assessment for D.E.I

  • Preparing Leadership and Staff for D.E.I

  • Reflecting on your DEI values 

  • Leveraging Resources for Optimized Results

Strategic Planning for race equity, diversity, and inclusion requires words to be followed by purposeful action

  • How is D.E.I. articulated in your organizations’ mission, vision, goals and objectives?

  • Are the values expressed in your organizational statements and written policies evidenced in your practices and behaviors?

Equity dynamics provides organizations with strategic planning workshops and retreats which help you find answers and solutions to these very questions. Enhance the efficacy of your D.E.I. strategic planning through focused matrix development that support the goals and objectives of your organization.

  • Providing information and tools to help you successfully move from critical thinking about racial equity, diversity, and inclusion, to planning and executing your personalized plan. 

  • Leveraging individual level and organizational resources to optimize results. 

  • Individualized strategic assessment, planning , and evaluation. 

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